Green Cultural Travel.

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Creative direction
Interior design
Work management
Furniture design
Communication strategy
Uniform design




Ethical travel agency

Green Cultural Travel (GCT) is a travel agency guided tours around Phnom Penh (Cambodia). Their mission is to create unique and authentic experiences for tourists passing through the capital. Socially engaged, they support local handicraft artists and disadvantaged communities.

Competition for travel agencies in Phnom Penh is tough- GCT needed a strong identity to be recognizable and to stand out in the market. They came to us to develop a consistent image to build trust with their customers and enhance their storytelling.


Creating a meaningful brand

Targeted clients are families or groups looking for accessible adventures to discover the real Cambodia. We designed the interior to align with this audience, with a mixture of authenticity and accessibility. The brand image mixes modern aesthetics with raw materials, Cambodian handmade fabrics, and typical daily objects.


A straight-forward design

Travel agencies often need to provide a lot of information, so we made sure that GCT’s clients can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, to boost confidence about the agency and services provided. To do so, we paid close attention to the information hierarchy to create clear and attractive materials.


Turn emotion in graphic communication

The authentic kindness and smiles of Cambodian people always leave a mark on tourists traveling in Cambodia. To reflect this authenticity, we used a natural color palette, raw and script typography, close-up photos, warm tints, and illustrations. Each member of staff’s business card highlights their nickname (or name they prefer to be called) in a handwritten font, adding a friendly and human touch.


Sharing our skills with the client

To help GCT reflect a consistent image on their social networks, we designed social media templates. To make it easy to edit we used Canva software, and trained them how to edit the posts and create new ones. They can now input their own content, save time, and have a coherent brand image.